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american sex education be like



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today i am really very thankful for so many things
i am thankful for new friends, who accept me and love me for who i am and push me to be something greater. while we may have known eachother for only a month i am connecting with people on deeper levels than i ever have and am loving forming more mature friendships in this new chapter
i am thankful for new activities, that push me in ways i never would have wanted to be pushed and teach me to love new things
i am thankful for diversity, which has taught me that i wasn’t the most tolerant person, and the best way to become accepting and tolerant is through exposure.
i am thankful for family, and how they are constantly supporting, loving, and pushing me even when they don’t see or hear from me everyday
i am thankful for old friends, who have made an effort to keep in touch and been there for me when i needed to vent and continue to let me hear about how they grow.


I like updating because I can look at my personal tag & see how far i’ve come, so i guess get used to it.

I have fallen into a routine and that’s really made my life a lot easier, the predictability of each day makes it easier and easier to be here i think.
i talk to my mom everyday, my younger brother calls me once a week and tells me about all the drama he hears & we just catch up on life, it’s refreshing and relieving to hear that yes, he does have friends i dont have to facilitate his hangouts with. 
my mom and i have grown incredibly close, we talk every morning about what’s going on in our lives and i love it. it gives both of us an outlet for whatever is going on in our worlds which is so so great.
i also love rugby, there are times when i don’t want to get up and get to the field, of course. once i’m there though im so happy and it’s an awesome stress reliever. i also am getting more and more in shape while having fun, which i love.

everything is great basically


Today’s graphic looks at the 20 common amino acids that are combined to make up the proteins in our bodies. It also gives the three-letter and one-letter codes for each, as well as denoting whether they are ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’.Read more information & grab the PDF here: http://wp.me/p4aPLT-tu